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Congratulations on deciding to start exercising! Exercise has a host of health benefits & is a critical part of your wellness program.

Please refer to your individual plan, current starting point & health goals when embarking on a new exercise program. Specific recommendations for you have been included into your lifestyle plan (found at the top of your Individual Program Plan).

If you haven’t already, please visit the page on Exercise in order to set up your initial goals & prepare to start: Where to Start with Exercise

Feel free to bring in or send us your initial Exercise plan. We’d be happy to give you feedback & help you get started!

Below we have detailed workouts for you to follow, broken up by each day and week.


WEEK 1 & 2:  

  • 3 Days Resistance Training
  • 1 Day of Active Rest (Walk, bike, swim 30 minutes & Stretching)
  • 1 DAY OF Metabolic Training (if not ready, then steady state aerobic exercise)
  • 2 days Rest (Walking/stretching)

WEEK 3 & 4:   

  • 3 Days Resistance Training
  • 2 Days Metabolic Training (or Aerobic Exercise)
  • 2 Days Active Rest (Walking & Stretching)

This month the Focus is to JUST GET STARTED!

We want to you to start incorporating more movement into your daily life than before. While we want you to follow the schedule listed above, focus on moving MORE and steadily increasing your exercise over time. This will lower your risk of injury & encourage long term & sustainable change.


Complete all the workouts listed above in each week

Week 1 & 2: Pay attention to how many steps you are taking each day. Aim to increase by 1000-2000/day the first week.

Week  3: 4: Maintain your current daily steps and see if you can add an additional 1000 this week. Work your way up to 10-12k a day!


Continue making healthy eating choices

Continue your food log (or start if you haven’t been)

Focus on WHOLE foods: No processed, packaged, junk or fast foods

Lots of color, vegetables, quality proteins, healthy fats, complex carbs, low sugar fruit, herbs, spices and non-processed condiments

Click each week below to access the workouts: (These can also be accessed on the Portal main page)

Week 1 

Week 2 

Week 3

Week 4