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Meet Dr. Misty Senz

Dr. Senz adjusting a baby

Gaining a New Perspective

After working in a laboratory in a medical facility for several years, Dr. Senz was used to seeing people who were looking for help with their health. During her time at the lab, she witnessed the same pattern: someone would come into the office sick, get a pill, go home and end up returning with the same problem. More and more, medications were dispensed without getting patients results.

Finding a Different Path

Dr. Senz encountered some health issues that the medical doctors couldn’t explain, and she experienced the same frustration that she’d seen so many others go through with the medical system. She went to a chiropractor, and there, got help for her headaches and learned about the difference between taking a drug to cover up a symptom and getting truly well.

It turned a light switch on in my brain. I wanted to help people the way I was helped with chiropractic.

She changed from a plan of going to medical school to undertaking an education in chiropractic. First, she graduated from Fitchburg State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Exercise Science. Then, she enrolled at New York Chiropractic College and earned her Doctor of Chiropractic.

Constantly Learning and Growing

Since that time, Dr. Senz has stayed up to date by completing different programs and certifications:

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Senz remains excited to assist people in changing their mindset about health. She’s had the privilege of seeing many patients feel empowered to take control of their health, reduce and eliminate their medications and achieve richer, healthier lives.

Living a Chiropractic Lifestyle

In her spare time, Dr. Senz stays busy with her husband & three children, traveling when they can. She also teaches other chiropractors in our area and all over the country. Additionally, she’s a member of the International Chiropractic Association and the Chamber of Commerce.

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