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Painesville Chiropractor for Holistic Healing

Dr. Senz adjusting a babyRelieve Life’s Stresses at Family Chiropractic

Experience a full-body approach to health care with Painesville Chiropractor Dr. Misty Senz at Family Chiropractic! Our entire team is focused solely on helping you meet your goals, supporting you along the way with the solutions you need.

In addition to chiropractic care, we use rehabilitation and corrective exercises, nutrition programs, fitness classes and wellness workshops. As a sports chiropractor, Dr. Senz also helps athletes reach new heights.

Whether you live in our city or in Perry, Mentor, or surrounding areas, you’ll find everything you need to gain natural strategies to create the happiest, healthiest life for you and your family.

Our mission is to empower people of all ages to take action toward developing and maintaining life with vitalism.

Our Vision

To help every person who walks through our door achieve a state of wellness that allows them to live life to their fullest, happiest and most vital.

Your specific program of care is tailored to you and your precise concerns. With a comprehensive plan, we’ll take you through getting out of pain and into correcting the underlying problem so that your health issues don’t recur. You’ll also gain the tools and information you need to stay healthy for a lifetime.

Contact us today! Take advantage of our $57 Web special (a $325 value)​​​, which includes a full health history, consultation, complete health examination, all necessary X-rays and a report of findings. *Offer excludes: workers’ comp, personal injury, Medicare & Medicaid.