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Neck Pain: What to Do?

Is it hard to look over your shoulder or turn your head? Do you have throbbing or sharp pain in your neck? Do you notice a “grinding” sound when you move? These are unfortunately common complaints of people dealing with neck pain, affecting their daily life activities.


Why do I have neck pain?

Neck pain can be caused by many reasons and each individual is different. Neck pain can occur acutely, such as with a sudden movement, improper posture during exercise or sleep, injury or even mental stress. Chronic neck pain is a sign that an injury or long term health issue not properly addressed and treated.

Most individuals with neck pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility have an underlying issue relating to their spine & how it moves. Our spine is a intricate structure made up bones, joints & discs that have to line up & move in a very specific way for the body to function the way it should; pain free. Soft tissue (ligaments & muscles) also connect & support to spine, allowing extremities to move & the body to function freely. When any of these components are compromised, it can lead to loss of function and pain in the body.

Associated Symptoms

Health concerns with your neck might not always present itself as pain.  Sometimes pain is the body’s last resort to let you know something is wrong!

People with neck pain might also suffer from other symptoms, including:

  • Pain into the arm, shoulder and hand, known as “referred pain”
  • Arm, shoulder or hand stiffness, weakness, tingling or numbness
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Poor sleep or Insomnia
  • Snoring or Sleep Apnea
  • Asthma or Respiratory problems
  • Headaches or Migraines

The Standard Approach

It is common to hear people using over the counter or prescription medication for their neck pain. Medication like Advil or Tylenol MAY provide temporary relief of the pain, but they ultimately provide a false sense of well-being.

Medication is only treating the symptoms and not addressing the ROOT CAUSE of the neck pain. Medications not only are a “temporary fix” but they also bring a host of side effects, affecting other parts of your body which were not initially a problem. The root issue is still present and is not a cure.

The Chiropractic Approach

The chiropractic approach to neck pain is to locate its underlying cause. Chiropractors are also known as “Nervous System Doctors”. They look at your spine but also how your nerves are functioning. Nerves not only are what tells us when something is painful, but they also control everything in your body!

At the root level, back pain can be caused by subluxations, or when the mis-alignment of the joint/bones due to a variety of reasons. This causes pressure or pinching on the nerve, which can decrease the nerve’s function but also cause pain.

Chiropractors examine directly the structures & functions of the spine & its affect on your nervous system. Chiropractors pay special attention to specific variables such as past health history, traumas, accidents, toxins, posture and current lifestyle.

Chiropractic care is the most natural, safest and effective ways in treating neck pain & symptoms associated with it. In fact, surgeons & orthopedics refer patients to chiropractors as the first defense against pain & spinal issues.

How We Can Help You

Dr. Senz’s holistic approach to your health digs deep to understand how your pain started & provides a personalized corrective plan to guide you out of pain & to better health.  In our office we provide gentle, safe & effective chiropractic adjustments to align the spine & remove the cause of pain. In addition, we utilize corrective rehabilitation exercises and lifestyle changes, specific to you, to get you better…faster!

There ARE drugless, natural and safe solutions to your pain & health problems!

Reach New Heights

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