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Why do I need Maintenance Care?

You might have entered our office feeling terrible with multiple pains and symptoms. Through corrective chiropractic care, you’ve successfully changed your health for the better. You are feeling better, have less or no pain at all, and can do the things you want to do. Congratulations! But many are hesitant to continue care beyond this point. They say, “I came in with problems and now they’ve been resolved. Why do I need to keep coming for adjustments when I feel good?”

Feeling vs. Function

How you feel is not always a good indicator of how healthy you are. We often minimize our issues with statements like “I just push through and it goes away”, “It’s not constant, the problems come and go” or make excuses like “This is part of the aging process”. b33a664343a389486118764993ae6dfb Many people also “feel fine” until they have a major health crisis, such as having debilitating pain, or a diagnosis of diabetes, stroke, heart attack or cancer.

You may have vertebral subluxations, or mis-alignments in the spine, and not “feel” them at all. These do however, affect your ability to function and sometimes “show up” not as pain, but loss of function or a health concern. When pain or symptoms finally do surface, the underlying problem might have been there for months or years prior.

For instance, high blood pressure, hormone imbalances, allergies, asthma, carpal tunnel and plantar fascitis are just some conditions that have been connected to having subluxations and a dis-connect in the nervous system.

So many people have lost touch with how they truly feel.  Just because symptoms are common, doesn’t make them normal or healthy. They don’t know that they have the ability to feel and function better!

Why wait for something to come back or go wrong before addressing your health? It might be too late if we just wait for symptoms.

What Phase are You?

There are 3 main phases of chiropractic care:

1) Acute Phase: Here many patients are experiencing health conditions, symptoms, discomfort and/or pain. Many people first visit a chiropractor after years of long-standing subluxations. These subluxations affect the surrounding tissue and muscles, creating scar tissue, soreness, tightness, loss of motion, “trigger areas” and postural changes.

2) Corrective Spinal Healing Phase: Dr. Senz creates a personalized corrective plan for patients in our office. They are based on different phases and paced based on each individual’s healing. Each chiropractic adjustment builds on the next, improving mobility within the spine, releasing pressure from the nerves, reducing pain and improving function.

Subluxations can exist for years without treatment, relief doesn’t happen “overnight” or with a single chiropractic adjustment. The spine can heal within a few months, but the soft tissue around the joints can take up to a year to fully heal.

We also utilize specific rehab exercises to aid in the healing process. These exercises re-train the postural muscles along the spine, necessary for long term correction. We also work on mobility, balance, flexibility, propioception and muscle activation to properly strengthen the spine and its surrounding tissues.

3) Health Maintenance Phase: Now the initial subluxations have been addressed and the spine is now holding the adjustments. They are experiencing little to no pain and the body is functioning optimally. This phase is critical, because maintenance still requires ACTION.

We must work to maintain the correction and prevent any relapse. Wouldn’t you want to keep feeling good and not let things backslide into pain and more problems??

So, why continue with Chiropractic?

  • Maintains the corrected spinal adjustments
  • Maintains and improves posture
  • Continue the healing of soft tissue
  • Strengthens the spine, nervous system and brain-body connection
  • Prevents relapse and re-occurrence of subluxations and pain
  • Improves overall health and less internal stress

Chiropractic care is SO much more than pain relief and management. Spinal health and our Nervous System is what gives our body LIFE. Prioritize your health by staying consistent with your spinal check-ups and adjustments.

duration of subluxation

Think of them as your oil change and tune-up to your car. By regular visits to the mechanic, you keep your car in top shape, preventing major issues and they also inform you if you do need to make improvements to maintain it’s functioning. The same goes for your body! Your chiropractor is your body’s mechanic, helping you to maintain your most important vehicle: your health!

Contact us now to schedule your next visit or spinal check-up.