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Congratulations! You are already into the third month of your new healthy lifestyle.

We hope that you have learned a lot in the last 8 weeks about health & wellness. Each week has introduced different topics, strategies and specific action steps to help guide you to better choices.

The implementation of the new routine is done. Be proud of all the changes you have made so far. You have set your both short term and long term goals, implemented clean eating, improved your overall eating habits & started supplementation. Hopefully you have also been more active, started incorporating exercise and even started logging your food.


Now as we enter a new month, it is time to reflect. Write out and answer these following questions:

In the last 8 weeks, what has been working well and what are you most proud of?

What are positives in your health that you have noticed or achieved so far?

What have been your challenges and obstacles?

Rate your level of achievement for your top 3 Health Goals (1 no progress, 10 reached the goal)

Do you have any new goals?

What would you like to focus on in terms of your health this next month?


It is important to assess progress (What gets measures gets managed!) This way the goals and or the action plan can be changed accordingly.

Based on your answers above, we can work together to devise a realistic, personalized plan to maintain the healthy habits you have created, while still pushing forward to reach your long term goals.

Month 3 Action Steps:

  • Write out the questions and answers listed above. Take your time and be honest with yourself. There is no wrong or right answer!
  • Send these via email or bring into the office.
  • Schedule an in-person follow-up & re-assessment (at the Week 8/9 mark)