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Epigenetics: Can our Lifestyle Affect our Genes?

We know that our genes and DNA is the chemical “makeup” that makes each person individual. DNA is inherited from each parent and Genes are combinations of specific DNA sequences. Genes affect every aspect of life by “displaying” specific traits (think gender, height, hair color etc) but also factors like our metabolism, how we react to food and our susceptibility to chronic diseases.

Did you know?

  • We have approximately 3 billion DNA strandsepigenetics
  • Within those strands there are approximately 20,000 genes
  • Each cell in our body contain DNA and determine the “instruction” of the gene sequences
  • Our bodies contain gene sequences but can be “active” or “inactive” in expression
  • Our lifestyle choices have the power to affect our gene expression


Yes, our lifestyle can affect our genes! Epigenetics is how our cells “read and express” genes. without changing the underlying DNA. Epigenetics is a growing field of study of how and what lifestyle choices interact with our human genome. All lifestyle factors such as diet, physical activity, stress in all its forms, toxins, drug use, our sleep and even our relationships all can modify our cells and thus our genes.

Our genetic code DOES play a part in our risk of disease. Some people are more susceptible to developing health conditions such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, stroke) and even Alzheimer’s.  Furthermore, you are more prone to conditions if you have a family history of any major health condition.

But here is the good news! It’s not “all in my genes”. Epigenetics shows that you DO have control over your health.


  • Controls genes and either expresses or silences gene sequences
  • Is a major factor in our prevention, incidence or severity of health conditions and diseases
  • Makes us unique, in that each person has a DNA code but different outcomes
  • Lifestyle choices and factors will trigger what our genes do
  • Our dietary choices play a direct role influencing our diet-regulated genes (such as APOE)
  • Just changing your diet alone and “eating for your genes” can prevent and even reverse disease

This is how two identical twins, with the same DNA code, can have completely different health profiles just based on their lifestyle choices!

twins epigenetics

Think of this analogy: Genetics is the Screenwriter for a movie and Epigenetics is the Director. The Screenwriter produces a script for the Director and provides the foundation to the movie’s plot and genre. However, it is ultimately up to the Director on the execution of the script. The order of events, dialogue, even the actors and their role can all be modified. Sometimes just a small tweak in a scene can make a huge impact on the overall movie.

Your genes might be the Screenplay, but YOU are the Director of your life.
It is never too late to take charge of your health.

Our office offers a comprehensive functional medicine approach to health. We use different testing techniques, such as a chiropractic structural stress evaluation,  X-rays, health risk history, advanced lab testing to give you the information you deserve about your health.

If you would like more information, please contact our office today.


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