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Nutrigenomics: Eating for Your Genes

Congratulations on changing your eating habits the last month. We hope that you have noticed positive changes in your health since adopting the clean eating principles, starting supplementation and an exercise program.

Clean Eating is a way of eating that can apply to everyone. However, everyone’s individual nutritional needs vary based on their health goals, needs, conditions and their genes. Yep, your genes, specifically your APOE, influences the prevention, onset and/or severity of health conditions and diseases.

Our metabolic type is affected by the gene APOE. APOE is a gene that codes the protein apolipoprotein E and it has an important role in how the body’s metabolism, specifically breaking down transporting dietary macronutrients, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals.

We receive an APOE gene from each of our parents and there are three variants: 2, 3 and 4.  There are different combinations but each person will have a dominant variant.

Now that you know your APOE & have established a foundation l healthy eating habits, it is time to start implementing eating for your APOE type. The goal is to keep eating clean WHILE following the APOE recommendations.

The 3 Main APOE Types (Click on your Type to find more information)

VHP bearAPOE 3: Bear

  • 65% of the population

  • Metabolism are best as Omnivores and considered the “Bear” type

  • Does not have genetic predisposition to diseases


APOE 2: Tiger

  • 10% of the population VHP tiger

  • This type has lowered risk of cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s disease

  • Has higher risk of diabetes

  • Carnivore metabolism and known as the “Tiger” type

APOE 4: Deer

  • 25% of the population VHP deer

  • At risk for Heart Disease and Alzheimer’s

  • Metabolism of a “Deer” and should eat like a Herbivore




What are 2 ways that you can start eating more like your APOE Type?

Brainstorm, write it out & tell us next time you check in or you’re in the office.