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Eat Move & Think Better

Eat, Move and Think Better. These are our foundation principles that are necessary for a healthy life. Your health is dictated by your mind, body and spirit. Start where you’re at now and work to be a better version of yourself. Where could you be in a month, 6 months, or a year if you start now with making a change?

It is not about being perfect or the best, but rather about being better than you were before.

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Eat Better

Diet and Nutrition is an important part of being healthy. You can’t exercise your way out of a poor diet; it will catch up with you one way or another, weight, diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure for example. Diets are started and stopped, while lifestyle changes are maintained for your lifetime ultimately promoting better health.
•Clean out your Cabinets -Throw Out the Junk Food.
There is a much higher chance that you will stick to healthy food if junk temptation foods aren’t in your home right? So out of sight, out of mind. Grab a garbage bag and throw those trigger foods away if you plan on getting lean and healthy. It might seem a bit drastic, but this Cold-Turkey approach does work. You don’t want to hinder your progress by keeping triggers within reach, especially in the beginning of change. This tip alone has saved many from emotional eating and junk food “relapse”. Don’t try the “I will start after I eat all the junk so I don’t waste it”, if you do this you are wasting your time and health on food that is less than beneficial.
• Prioritize Protein
Eating protein every meal will keep your blood sugar and more importantly your insulin stable. Insulin is the “fat” hormone when it is elevated all your calories go to storage in fat. Protein filled meals will help you eat less, stop cravings, lower your blood sugar and insulin, and help you lose weight and become healthier all at the same time!
• Log your Food
Keeping a food diary is an excellent accountability tool to track progress and success. It allows you to truly see what you are consuming! Many people underestimate their portions as well as the beverages, little nibbles and snacks they eat, sometimes mindlessly.  Journaling will help you acknowledge successes and obstacles, help meal plan better and keep you accountable to your food choices and amounts. You can use a old school pen &paper or notebook. or an online food journal/app like Carb Manager or Myfitnesspal, which are very convenient and easy to use.

• Be Aware of Liquid Calories
Many beverages, such as soda, juice, coffees, teas etc are filled with sugar, additives, high in calories with little nutritional content. Even “healthy” drinks like Kombucha and vegetable/green drinks can be high in sugar.

Quality filtered water, quality organic coffee, herbal unsweetened tea tea are the best go to drinks. Making your own green juices with ingredients like celery, cucumber and minimal fruit in moderation can be beneficial. Making low-sugar protein shakes is another healthy option for a quick, on the go meal-replacement.

• Fat doesn’t make you Fat
Yep, the myth that fat is evil has been de-bunked! Dietary fat is actually a crucial macronutrient that not only is needed for proper health, but also can aid in fat loss!

Healthy fats help build & support the lining our cell membranes, cushion & protect our organs and necessary for brain development & cognitive function. Our brain is made up of 60% fat!! Dietary fats are also the building blocks of hormones. It is recommended to consume the majority of your fats from plant sources (versus animals) and prioritizing omega-3 fats, as they have anti-inflammatory properties & nourishing to the body & brain!

Healthy fats include: extra virgin olive oil, olives, coconut oil, coconut butter, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseed, flax-seed oil, nut butters, avocados, salmon, makerel, swordfish, and quality fish oil supplementation.

Fats to avoid include: All PROCESSED oils like soybean, vegetable, canola, sunflower & safflower and corn oil. These are found in straight oil form but also in packaged/processed foods. Trans fats should also be avoided; these are found in junk food products, fast food and commonly disguised as “hydrogenated” oils.

• Shop and Chop in Advance
New habits and creating a healthy lifestyle requires planning and preparation.  Grocery planning and “batch cooking” helps reduce the stress & “decision fatigue” that comes with planning meals. Cooking a few easy meals or go-to staples like chicken breast, hardboiled eggs, roasted veggies etc. in advance to have ready will save you so much time and energy. Most people like to take a few hours on the weekend to shop and cook! This way you will not be at the mercy of external factors which can (and will) sabotage your diet quickly and without mercy!

Move Better

While most of us find watching our diet a bit of a chore, a fitness routine is something that can become the highlight of your day. Really, there’s few things as satisfying as the positive feeling you get after you exercise. Keep it simple to start!
For complete beginners you may want to schedule one or two sessions with our fitness professional or coach to catch you up to speed and make sure your plan is right for you. There are many places to start with exercise. Choose what feels comfortable & sustainable to you!

Different options include:

Strength Training: Lifting weights, bands or bodyweight training or even circuit-style workouts that alternate resistance training and cardio drills

Aerobic: Any cardio-based exercise. Quick walking, jogging, running, swimming, biking or a fast-paced recreational sport like basketball, tennis etc.

Flexibility & Mobility: Dynamic stretching like leg swings, static stretching (holding stretches for a period of time) or myofascial release such as foam rolling are all great ways to improve blood flow, range of motion and can decrease pain. Yoga of all kinds is a fantastic option.

Balance & Core Work: This increases propioception and actually strengthens the nervous system & brain/body connection! Any exercise using an uneven surface like an Airex pad, Bosu ball, single leg or single side exercises. Your core/midsection is the foundation of your body. It will help to reduce your risk of injury, improve overall stabilization and posture.

Think Better

Just about every top athlete would tell you that 90% of the physical game is mental. Our minds command our bodies ultimately and staying on point with our weight loss and health goals has MUCH more to do with what’s going on inside our heads than not.

•Use Positive Visualizations
Sit comfortably with eyes shut. In your mind imagine how you will look healthy and lean. Move on to yourself performing in your workouts powerfully and dynamically. Visualize how you would feel and function when you have more energy, better mental focus, decreased cravings and in better overall health.

•Practice Affirmations to Build Confidence
Think of affirmations as an approach to the subconscious audibly like visualizations are visually. They pay off just as much. When you use both methods they compliment each other perfectly.
How do affirmations work? Take a short positive set of statements and repeat it to yourself, out loud in the morning and evening. An example: “I am healthy, fit and happy”. Always state things in the present terms with “I am” and your goals stated as if already achieved. Avoid using “I want” or ” I am not”.
•Focus on the BREATHE
Deep breathing can help regulate the Stress Response. Breathing techniques that are slow, controlled and mindful have profound physiological and mental benefits! Deep breathing can regulate heart rate, reduce blood pressure, reduce cortisol levels while improving other hormone markers and much more.

Here’s a traditional “calming” breathing technique used in yoga. It’s worked for over a thousand years. Inhale for a count of four. Hold your breath for a count of eight. Exhale for a count of twelve while you imagine your bad thoughts leaving with your breath. Repeat twenty times or until you feel yourself relax.
Don’t be surprised if you feel yourself developing more mental focus and energy throughout the day as you do the calming breath more frequently. These positive side effects are a great benefit!


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